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Granite mining land available in Karnataka on long term lease.

Upon Request
Bagalkot district, Karnataka, India, ,
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Rate upon request, District geological reports available upon Letter of interest, lease period 90 years (30 years renewable)

The area is fairly a level land in the southern part and hilly with steep southern slopes in the northern part

Currently some granite quarrying (probably illicit) activity is going on in the area examined

Geologically the southern slopes reaching the plains consist of granite and the upper slopes of the hills consist of sandstone dipping northerly at low angles.

The granite is exposed as huge boulders outcrops.

The granite is medium to coarse grained with fairly good uniformity of grains, though bigger grains of pink feldspar, quartz and dark clusters do occur here and there.

There are many color variants in granite. The main color variants are dark pink (red) granite and slightly light colored granite. Both consist of pink feldspar, white feldspar, quartz, amphibious and opaque minerals (probably magnetite) as observed with a hand lens. The dark pink (red) variety has red feldspar with a little bit of white feldspar that imparts red color to the granite. The light colored granite has both pink and white feldspar in almost equal proportions that impart a light color to the rock.

Besides there are variants with light colored feldspar dominating over pink feldspar that imparts a much lighter color to the rock. No micas are seen (absence of mica is advantageous from the commercial point of view)

The granite takes excellent polish

Sandstone Granite can be used for glass manufacturing and used for sand mining also.

There are other six colors also found in that three colors are export quality granite.

Address: Bagalkot district, Karnataka, India
State/County: ,
Country: India
Property Id : 5978
Size: 1000 acres