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Portfolio Management

Our client portfolios are managed by experienced asset management professionals and provide enough flexibility to suit each client’s investment objectives.

Your real estate portfolio is vital to the success of your business. Tailoring it to the evolving demands of your people and business is a constant challenge. We have the global expertise, consistent processes and proven strategies to create a real estate portfolio that supports your business goals over time.

A trusted partner, focused on your success

When it comes to your portfolio, we listen to your needs and make them our singular focus. While most global real estate companies represent tenants and landlords, buyers and sellers, we don’t. We only work for you, the corporate occupier, so we avoid the inevitable conflicts of interest that arise when one company represents both occupiers and investors.

Optimize your portfolio to support your business goals

Our integrated approach aligns your real estate portfolio with your business goals, your people with their workplace. Together, our real estate expertise and your business objectives set a steady strategic course – from portfolio planning to administering leases, acquiring new property and disposing of unwanted space. We help you improve business performance while increasing portfolio value and reducing real estate costs.

An evaluation of your portfolio and the global real estate market is a given. We go further, to analyze how your employees use their space, what they need to be more productive, and how trends will impact your future needs. You get the workplace insight you need to make informed, forward-thinking portfolio decisions.

Optimal results from unbiased management

Our unique transaction management model empowers your transaction manager to select the best broker by region, industry and asset type from a qualified network of approximately 3,000 independent local brokers. You benefit from unbiased advice on the right space for your business without sacrificing control.